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Remote Connections

The Asset utilizes a secure connection technology powered by TeamViewer, which allows us to see your screen, and control your mouse and keyboard.


Nothing to install, just download and run the program - we'll see it added to our ticket queue instantly, and connect right away


You can close the connection at any time, and we don't have further access until you run the program again - keep it for future issues or delete and re-download as needed


Integrated audio and video solutions make it easy for you to explain what you need and to ask questions - it's like we're sitting beside you!


We can connect to PC's and Macs, as well as many Android devices - peace of mind no matter what platform you use


Remote connections allow you to keep working with minimal downtime. We can install anti virus and scan for malware while you keep sending emails


Need to get up and running with a new program, or learn some new tricks with something you use daily? You can sign up for biweekly or monthly sessions to keep learning - and stay ahead of the game


If your issue can't be solved remotely, and an onsite is required, we'll give you a discount, so the remote connection is free of charge!


If you use custom input devices for your computer or mobile device(s), remote connections make it easy to get assistance when it's convenient for you, without the hassle of a technician in your home or private space


Want to remember what we've learned, or have a record of what we've done together? You can choose to opt for a screen grab of the entire session, so you can rewatch at any time - great for remembering how to reset your password or as an add-on for our training sessions

The Asset

Jack of all trades, master of some, we believe that computers should be easy to use, and the software secure and safe. Learn how to use your services and devices, how to make them work for you, not the other way around.

Call in The Asset and see how we can help you, your business, or your family feel more comfortable in the digital realm
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