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We're extremely passionate about helping each other, and assisting the planet. 

We value volunteering, compassion, and the drive to do what's right... But unless you're running your non-profit like a business, you won't be able to sustain, or grow, without considerable struggles.

Let us help

Google for Non-Profits

If you're not using Google services to power your business, you're refusing over 100k in free advertising power - yes, that's not a typo

Leverage our experience in assisting your smooth transition, migrating your existing email, files, and other content, as well as training you and your team on how to collaborate from anywhere.

Did we mention the service is free of charge?

Project Management

So many non-profits struggle with holding their members, coworkers, and other team members accountable for their tasks and responsibilities. 

We can help you decide on what platform works best - there are a number of choices, some of which are even free if you work in a small team!

Communications and Business Planning

Many smaller non-profits are headed up by passionate people (maybe like yourself?) that are so focused on the cause that it's easy to find themselves struggling with the regular day-to-day responsibilities of communication planning, business forecasting, and other "executive" requirements.

Yet a non-profit is still a business, and these needs to be prioritized - by doing so, you'll instantly be more appealing to potential grants and other fundraising opportunities

We can help with the executive structure, and that lets you get back to doing what you love the most.


In this post Covidian environment, many businesses and nonprofits are facing new obstacles in trying to maintain their various AGM and internal meetings, as well as looking for alternatives to traditional fundraising, conferences, and other previously physical events.  

We've been helping the Canadian government and other nonprofits from local to national levels. We can organize, build, and run all types of these virtual events, from small internal meetings to large national/international conferences. Custom event websites with registration components, branded mobile apps with social networking capabilities, to accessibility tools - captions, translations, whatever your needs may be.  

Your passion is our passion

What really sets us apart from other organizations is our genuine desire to assist you with your goals. We're excited about helping you change the world you live in, whether it's in your neighborhood, or positive growth in the global village


Feel free to reach out to us to learn how we can help. Book a quick phone chat, or if you're eager to have us at your home, we'll be happy to help!
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Jack of all trades, master of some, we believe that computers should be easy to use, and the software secure and safe. Learn how to use your services and devices, how to make them work for you, not the other way around.

Call in The Asset and see how we can help you, your business, or your family feel more comfortable in the digital realm
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