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Consumer Services

We understand you have a life to lead, and your computer shouldn't be getting in your way. Whether you have a nasty virus that needs attending, you've broken your phone and need to transfer your content, or you want to understand what the cloud is, we're here to help

On site Service

We'll come to your home and help you fix whatever issues you might have, as well as teach you how to integrate your devices with your services (and your devices with your family as well!

We can fix your machine, show you how to use various pieces of software, or even help you set up your home network so you can turn off the wifi when it's dinner time!

Remote Assistance

We can connect to your computer almost instantly (often with very little delay in scheduling) so you can get up and running quickly.

Plus, if we can't solve your issue, and you book an onsite, we'll give you a coupon to save $50 off your home visit, so your remote connection was free!

Digital Packages

Want to make sure your photos are automatically backed up in case you break your phone, or if there's a disaster that damages your home and its contents?

Looking to learn how to get your files backed up on the cloud so they're safe and easily accessible no matter where you are in the word and on whatever device you are using?

Looking to declutter your family scheduling so you always know when someone needs to be picked up (and when they're by the front door ready for a ride?)

Our digital packages are 90 minute, on site training sessions specifically designed for you and your family to get up and running in no time.

Service with a Smile

What really sets us apart from other organizations is our friendly attitude - we'll happily show you how we're doing what we're doing so you don't need to call us back! We love helping people and their families get comfortable with technology, and it shows!


Feel free to reach out to us to learn how we can help. Book a quick phone chat, or if you're eager to have us at your home, we'll be happy to help!
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Over ten years in business
Flexible scheduling (early mornings, late nights, and occasional emergency weekends!)
Professional and friendly
Honest, humble, and hardworking
Passionate about making technology easy to understand

Stay In The Loop

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The Asset

Jack of all trades, master of some, we believe that computers should be easy to use, and the software secure and safe. Learn how to use your services and devices, how to make them work for you, not the other way around.

Call in The Asset and see how we can help you, your business, or your family feel more comfortable in the digital realm
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