Remote Training

The major difficulty with most small or medium businesses when it comes to new services is adoption rates. Even rates as low as 15% of your team not using tools regularly can bring down the entire structure.

Waiting until a trainer is available on site can mean hours of unproductive work. In order to combat this, schedule immediate remote assistance through our “AssetControl” product. The free application, available below, doesn’t require any administrative installation rights, and, once launched, will immediately add your device to our service queue, no email or ticket required! We can also converse with you through this interface via text, video, or voice chat, allowing us to guide you through the process visually and vocally – Share the mouse and learn alongside our trainers, so next time you might not need to call again!

As an added service, our service now includes remote control access of most Android devices through “Mobile Asset” – virtual fingers assist you anywhere you can get a data connection, helping your team stay connected with the tools they need the most, anywhere in the world

If the issue cannot be resolved online, and an onsite is required, the remote connection charges are waived 

Download "AssetControl" Now! Download "MobileAsset" Now! (Android)