Want effortless backup and sync between devices? Transparent email and communication tools for you and your team? Want to train your staff to be a force to be reckoned with? The Asset has been deploying, training, and mastering Google Cloud services since beta. Put us to work to minimize the time you spend fighting with your inbox.

The Asset has been using and mastering GSuite for the better part of the last decade, allowing us to seamlessly migrate all your information to the cloud while you keep working in whatever environments you are currently using. No downtime means the work doesn’t stop while your content is integrated. Use the included web services, (or let us set up Outlook) so that all your content, mail, and calendars are synced with between the cloud, desktops/laptops, and all  your existing mobile devices – Apple or Android powered. Wireless, automated, worry-free. Plus, with Mobile Device Management tools included at no extra fee, your information is always safe.

We also train your admins so they can look after simple tasks like adding new users and resetting password. Integrating these solutions with existing roles means less time and money spent on outside IT roles. We also have packages that provide remote administration, should you not have the resources (or the time) to handle those sorts of tasks.

Don’t forget your users! We will empower your teams with included training: learn how the components operate, and how to share content between all your colleagues. Customized training templates and presentations are also optionally available, so you can add new team members at anytime, all without having to call us back in the bring them up to speed.