Remote Training

The major difficulty with most small or medium businesses when it comes to new services is adoption rates. Even rates as low as 15% of your team not using tools regularly can bring down the entire structure. Waiting until a trainer is available on site can mean hours of unproductive work. In order to combat this, schedule immediate remote assistance …

Team Huddle

It doesn’t matter if you are a team of one, or an established army of hundreds. Your workflow is governed by your ability to communicate, assign tasks effectively, and to keep on top of your projects. Let us help you establish those tools, train your workforce, and help you get stuff done. We’ll research your employees, management, and team dynamics, …


Want effortless backup and sync between devices? Transparent email and communication tools for you and your team? Want to train your staff to be a force to be reckoned with? The Asset has been deploying, training, and mastering Google Cloud services since beta. Put us to work to minimize the time you spend fighting with your inbox. The Asset has been …

About The Asset

Jonathan Moore has been helping businesses inspire themselves for over a decade. As The Asset, he combines all his talents under one roof, and endeavours to blend his unique skillset with his passion for meditation, bushido, and a Zen/Minimalist lifestyle. Please contact him at to see how he can help your business succeed.


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